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Designer Bridal Lehenga Collection for girls in India for wedding

Designer Bridal Lehenga is Popular Luxury, Attractive Fashion wedding wear. Collections of Simple Lehenga Choli designs for girls are available in online shopping websites and Market in India at a cheap price. This may be suitable for Normal Celebration functions or Engagement. But Lehanga for Brides to use on the wedding day are costly depends on Designs, embroidery works and quality of the cloth.

India and Pakistan are Home for Lehenga. Lehenga Choli is otherwise known as lehenga or Ghagra in Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Urdu, and Kashmiri. Also, known as Pavadai in Tamil, Lacha in Malayalam, or Langa in Telugu. A lehenga is a form of skirt from the Indian Subcontinent that is embroidered, pleated, and long. Generally, the lehenga is worn as the bottom portion of a Langa Voni or Gagra Choli. In India, numerous types of traditional embroidery works are done on lehenga for festival and wedding functions. Read on to know a lot more about how to choose a good one from best lehenga collections, average prices and latest lehenga designs available on online shopping for Sales with Images.

Designer Bridal Lehenga Collection for girls in India for wedding

Designer Bridal Lehenga Collection for girls in India for the wedding (Source: Wikimedia)

How To Choose Best Designer Bridal Lehenga Cholis

For any women, her designer bridal lehenga is something most special and important attire of her life. She wants her lehenga to be beautiful and perfect that adds a new leaf to her journey in that dress. Besides, to find the perfect fit, every bride should know her body type and purchase accordingly to it. Here there some things that you have to know before shopping for your wedding lehenga

Identify your body type

For a perfect lehenga, first, you have to find your body type. Each and everyone will have their own body shape. So, the first step is to identify your body shape, whether it is apple-shaped or pear-shaped or anything else, and then try to shop a lehenga accordingly to your shape.

Consider the fabric

At the same time, the essential aspect of choosing a lehenga is the fabric. Net, silk, georgette, raw silk, and much more fabrics are available. It is always suggested that for curvy brides, fabrics such as georgette are mostly recommended. Similarly, for a slimmer bride, net type fabrics are advised to get a curvy look. Hence the selection of fabrics plays a vital role for a perfect fit and choosing your bridal lehengas.

Apple-shaped brides

For the brides who carry their weight on the upper body are apple-shaped. They can go for a broad flare or circular lehenga as their problem areas are their waistline, bust, and shoulder. Those apple-shaped brides can opt for a circular lehenga that has a beautiful broad flare. This will give them an asymmetrical look. Moreover, the fabric should be soft, and they can choose heavy embroidery on the skirt instead of wearing heavy blouse. Also, for the blouse, short sleeves and collar necks can be avoided.

Pear-shaped brides

Girls who have a slimmer waistline, narrow shoulders, and a heavy lower body, are said to be pear-shaped brides because their problem areas are thighs and butt. They can go for an A-line lehenga but not to add volume. Furthermore, they can also choose horizontal panels for their skirts as it will make their lower body look slimmer. Therefore, for the blouse – deep necks and small blouses are suggested.

Hourglass brides

It is the perfect body with shoulder and hips in proportion and a well-defined waist. Thus, it is better to go for mermaid cut lehenga, which is difficult for any other body type to carry it. In addition, you can also go for a skirt with many tulles and corset blouse to make it look like a fairy-tale gown. Short cholis with a sweetheart neckline and off-shoulder will look perfect.

Petite brides

It is quite challenging to find an ideal lehenga for such petite brides. You look terrific in all western outfits, but in traditional dresses, you look weighed down. So, it is always better to choose a perfect lehenga with clean cuts. Also, embroidery and shape must be neat. As a result, it is better to avoid huge motifs as they will overshadow your structure.

Rectangle-shaped brides

These people will have shoulder width and hips the same, and to define the midriff and waistline is not easy. The important thing here is to find something that can create an illusion of curves. So, it is better to choose high waist lehenga and avoid huge motifs. Moreover, wear deep necklines to make you curvy.

Curvy brides

If you are a curvy bride, then try to follow these steps for a perfect beautiful lehenga. The first point to remember is that avoid layering lehenga as it makes you look bulkier. Secondly, go for horizontal patterns that make you look longer. The shape of the skirt can be A-line shaped. Try to choose for deeper colors and stick to a single shade. Small and simple patch embroidery will do justice to your curve.

Check the fit of the lehenga

Always make sure that your lehenga grips you well around your strong areas and a little breezy around your problem areas. Therefore, go for test turns as it makes you feel comfortable and makes a perfect bridal lehenga.

Colors too important

Finally, the colour of the lehenga plays a crucial role in choosing your best lehenga. Always stick to deeper shades if you are curvy, and brighter shades if you are slim. For pear-shaped brides, it is better to go for a dark-colored skirt and for apple-shaped brides it is better to go for light-coloured skirts. Moreover, rectangle-shaped brides can go for different colours to create illusions of curves in your body.

Skirts, as well as lehenga Blouse designs,  are available in different colors like Maroon, Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Beige, Orange, White, Yellow, Grey, Purple, Black, Brown, Gold etc. It is also Also available in mixed colour as a combination of Maroon, Gold, Red, Green like red and golden, red and white, Maroon and black, white and red, red and green bridal etc.

Designer bridal lehenga in red and golden colour (in Multicolour), maroon lehenga blouse and skirts ( in Sigle deep colour) are the most popular attractive design for brides.

Different Types Of Bridal Lehenga Designs

Here are the Collection of 8 different types of top lehenga design for Brides. Simple lehenga designs for girls also suggested. Read on to explore the best type for your shapes.

latest lehenga designs for girls with Price

A-Line Lehenga

As the name itself suggests, it has A-line hem. These type of lehenga are tighter on the waist and flares out the bottom. A-line lehenga is best suited for hourglass, pear-shape, and tall body structure.

A-line lehanga is the most gorgeous looking lehanga

Flared lehenga

New trendy lehanga is flared lehanga

Flared lehengas have more volume and pleats. Therefore, it suits best for a pear shape, apple shape, rectangle shape, and hourglass-shaped body.

Mermaid or fishtail lehenga

Fishtail shaped lehanga.

The lehenga looks like a fishtail. These lehengas are tight till knees and flared from claves. Thus, it suits well for rectangle and hourglass body shape.

Jacket with lehenga

Jacket with lehanga gives royal view to brides.

The lehengas with jackets are the elegant combination. The lehenga looks good for an inverted triangle, tall body structure, and hourglass shape.

Paneled lehenga Choli

Paneled lehanga most people choose with red color

The paneled lehenga contains many horizontal panels of fabrics creates the flare of the lehenga. Paneled lehenga is well suited for the pear shape, hourglass, and petite body types.

Double flare

Double flare lehanga looking gorgeous

These types have a double or triple flare and increase the volume of lehenga. Hence, it suits best for hourglass, pear-shaped, and apple shape.

Trail lehenga Choli

Lehanga with highlighting works

The lehenga has extra fabric that makes a trail at behind. Those who are ready to carry excess weight can try this.

Sharara lehenga

Sharara lehanga newly moving lehanga.

The sharara lehenga has two big palazzos or pants. Best for almost all of the shapes that include, hourglass, pear shape, apple shape, tall body structure.

Price of Lehenga choli on online shopping and Retail Market in India

The first that comes to your mind when your wedding is fixed is the style and price of the bridal lehenga. At the same time, every one will dream of that ‘perfect & extraordinary’ designer bridal lehengas for their wedding. For some of them, it’s conventional pink or red lehenga, and for others, it is a specific design according to their wish that is conventional. But for a lot of others, the price of the lehenga is the primary concern, and everything else revolves around that. So, when it comes to bridal lehengas, it mostly depends on the design or style and price of the lehenga.

The big premium designers are couture Designers that are especially flaunted by celebrities and rich brides. These latest lehenga designs cost Rs 3 Lakh and above in most popular online shopping websites and best retail markets. Extra costs also included for customizations.

The high-end designer lehengas are pretty popular these days and not really in the average cost range. Moreover, these designs are refreshing and new and are great for offbeat bridal lehengas — the price range upwards of a lakh.
The average and budget designer bridal lehengas in the market look pretty amazing. The average costs in the market range from Rs. 20,000 to one lakh or more.

Simple lehenga designs for girls also available in the online shopping websites and normal market. Price for Simple Lehenga Choli are starting from a thousand rupees which are suitable for engagement of normal wedding function.


The top Designer bridal lehenga

Here are the collection of different types of the most popular and latest lehenga designs. Have a quick look at this fabulous catalogue of Lehanga Blouse and Skirts Design suitable for Wedding, Engagement, Utsav and Celebrations.

  1. Multicolour bridal lehenga
  2. Banarasi lehenga designs
  3. Orange lehenga with beautiful Gota Patti
  4. Black bridal lehenga
  5. Yellow bridal lehenga
  6. Pink and orange bridal lehenga
  7. Golden lehenga design for the pretty princess bride
  8. Golden lehenga with red accents and red dupatta
  9. Emerald green lehenga with stunning Gota Patti work
  10. Blue bridal lehenga design with Royal Look
  11. Contemporary peachy lehenga for the unconventional bride
  12. The quintessential maroon bridal lehenga
  13. The timeless red bridal lehenga that never goes out of style
  14. White bridal lehenga designs
  15. Chrome applique lehenga to add lots of sparkle to your bridal ensemble.


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