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Sarees are the unstitched, traditional garment of women’s wearing as Party wear, Function, and traditional wear. Different types of sarees routed all over the earth and also best sellers in the online shopping websites and tradition Market all over the world. India is the biggest market for Cotton Sarees, simple and Pattu sarees. Sari is unstitched and Blouse is stitched top wear.

In India, different types of sarees of different states are popular which makes filler on India. Many states own their own designer sarees depends on their ethnic culture, tradition and available materials. Various types of saree designs are popular like Festival sarees, Casual wearing sari, Wedding sarees, Partywear sarees, Bollywood theme sarees, bridal wear, etc Depends on occasions.

Some wrap Zari on a special occasion like wedding, reception and etc. Most of the brides choose Zari on their wedding day because it gifts stunning and pretty glance to the bride.  Sari is one of the best-worn dress for the women’s.

The price of sarees varies and depends on types of sarees like Simple to Luxury, Cheap to Budget and Costly. And it depends on material and Artwork.

Different Types of sarees of Different States In India

It can differentiate based types of sarees material using for weaving and types of wearing such as Handloom or machine weaving, Colours, designs, embroidery works, and Fabric.  Even after considering all these parameters different types of sarees are different in states depends on tradition and their culture. The following are the most popular and best sarees in India suitable for wearing on Festival, Wedding, Party and casual.

Banarasi Silk

Banarasi Silk is a fine variant of Silk originating from the city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India. Mughals introduced Banaras Silk to India and Bollywood design sarees are commonly using these silks. Also, Women’s wrap this silk sari on a special occasion because it exposes charmer to ladies. Banarasi Silk Saree, the best north Indian silk sari also extremely popular types of sarees all over the earth as best wedding silk saree and expensive depending on the quality of silks fabric using for weaving and the most popular type of wedding saree designs in India.

Banarasi is one of the exclusively moving saree

Kanjeevaram Silk

This silk saree originated from Kanchipuram of Tamil Nadu. Kanjeevaram Silk also known as Pattu Sarees in south India and is worn as Bridal Sarees. Most of the women all over India especially south Indians wearing Kanjeevaram silks for wedding and special occasions. Price also changing depends on types of silk material using for weaving and also different types of sarees designs available in Kanjeevaram Silks.

Kanjeevaram gifts extra charmer to ladies

 Kalamkari Saree

Kalamkari Saree Originated by Telangana and Andra Pradesh which Made by cotton textile with Hand-painting arts on Sary. Natural dyes which driven from vegetables, fruits and minerals are using for Hand painting and also multi-colour Ancient Indian Art and Flower are painting on the Fabric.

Different types of are in world one of that is kalamkari

Kasavu Saree

Kasav sarees are traditional garment and most popular type of sarees in Kerala. Because of that, it also named Kerala Kasav Sarees. Cream color with golden border gives extraordinary looks, besides it describes the essence of beauty. Kasavu Sarees are the best types of cotton sarees names and also known as Onam Saree because of most of the women wearing this sari during the Onam celebration. As well as this sari is the most popular type of handloom sarees in India and suitable for a religious function, marriage, and party.

Manju Carrier in kasavu Saree

Sambalpuri Saree

This is the traditional handloom Saree from Odisha. Therefore, Sambal puri silks exclusively moving cities in Odisha. Usually, ladies in Odisha wrap Sambalpuri silk at special junctures, such as festivals, wedding and so on. Daily use of Sambalpuri sarees also available at cheap price.

This saree gives wonderfully vision

Pochampally Saree

Pochampally Saree from Bhoodan Pochampally of Telangana, India and uses ikat style of dye printing. because of that it also known as Pochampally Ikat. If you wrap this sari then surely will receive complements, because Sary encaptures the geometric pattern.

Pochampally saree

Paithani Saree

Paithani Saree originated from the Paithan of Maharashtra. This Sari is also known as the richest saree of India because it uses fine silk and handwoven techniques. Here, Paithani gives royalty and mesmerizing vision, therefore, Many brides refer this silks for the wedding and considering as best Maharashtrian sarees types.

Green paithani saree with golden and red zari

Bandhani Saree

Sari originated from Gujarath. Bandhani  Saree made by cotton, silks, crepe, georgette, chiffon, and satin. Bandhani Sari also handloom saree where the natural and synthetic method used for coloring.

Bandani saree is traditional saree

Muga Saree

Muga Saree from Assam, India. Here, Sari contains a natural yellowish-golden tint. This silks dyed after bleaching, also be hand washed.

This saree from assam

Mysore silks

Mysore silks, a traditional handloom saree, which originated from Mysore, Karnataka. This Sari has smooth silks with golden zari. Mysore Saree gifts heavy and rich vision, Therefore, Most of the ladies in South India uses this on wedding and as partywear.

Exclusively moving saree in karnataka

Arani Silk Sari

Arani Silk Sari originated from Arni of Tamil Nadu. This Silk Saree also rich in color and quality, therefore, Sari exclusively moving in the different states in India.

Arani is different type of saree in india

Uppada Saree

Uppada Saree manufactured in Uppada of East Godavari of A.P. Sari has unique designs compare to other Sary and also made by using cotton textiles which uses for formal gatherings. Marriage, and festivals.

Uppada saree is fabulous glance to women's

Chanderi Saree

Chanderi Saree is a traditional Cotton Saree from Chanderi, Madhyapradesh with silk and Zari. Sari attracts ladies towards and also it gives much more glamour to women.

Chanderi gifts ultimate glance and glamour


More different types of sarees are popular in different states in India depends on tradition, designs, material like Tant Sari, Jamdani, Bangalore Silk, Lehariya, Bhagalpuri, Gota Patti, Tie and Dye, Mangalagiri, Chikankari, Kantha, Gharchola, Batik Print, Kota Doria, Baluchari, Gadwal, Maheshwari, Madhubani, Sournachuri, Konrad Temple etc.

Fabrics used in different types of sarees

The type of fabric used to weave sari is an important factor that decides the price of the sarees.


This material produced by cocoons of the larvae of the silkworm. High quality is use this material, Therefore, this silk fabric exclusively running in the markets.

Silk saree is the variety of saree

Saree carries silk texture


It comes from the seed pods of the cotton plant. Cotton is the natural fabric as well as it is soft fabric.

Cotton Saree

Cotton material multi colored Saree


It is a combination of cotton, wool and silks. Therefore, crepe manufactured by using synthetic and artificial threads.

Crepe saree

Crepe material Saree



This is the synthetic weaves. Here, it gives a smooth and calming effect.

Satin materials Saree is a different types of sarees

Satin fabric saree


This fabric is lightweight, dull finished crepe with highly swivelled fibre.

Georgette Saree

Georgette materials Saree



It is a material, where wools in the net are stirred, linked or intertwined, therefore, there will be an open space between the fibres.

Neted sarees are unique types of sarees

Net cloth Saree with embroidery


Here, it is a lightweight fabric as well as harmonious plain-woven sheer texture. This material is fine soft and rich in quality.

Chiffon Saree

Chiffon materials Saree




Various designs of works for sarees


Stone works saree

Saree with stoneworks presents much great elegance and also heavily marketing.

Mirror works

Mirror work of different types of saree

This designing works used in most of the fancy sarees, therefore, mirror works lends extra refinement to clothes

Printed works

This printed designs worked out by painting. Printed designs in Saree catches ladies vision towards it.

Embroidery works

These are worked out by using threads. Embroidered garments exclusively running in all over the world as well as rich in quality.

Zari works

This type of designing works is done by using silk. Therefore, Banarasi, Kanjeevaram  Sarees designed by using zari works.








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